Seedless Summer Accent Earring

Seedless Summer Accent Earring


Crafted in US, Color Me Tone’s matte Seedless Summer earring consists of a black fusible plastic-circular-bar stud joined to a long curved polystyrene that drops below the ear. This sculptural, delicate piece captures US-based jeweler and artist Color Me Tone's whimsical approach to design.

  • Multi- Colour polystyrene

  • Matte finish

  • 1.5cm stud length x 6.0mm stud width, 5.0cm drop (approximately).

  • Wired Hook back

  • Made in Atlanta, GA

This item is sold individually, not as a set.

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"There’s something understated and modern about sweeping your hair behind your ears to reveal just one ridiculously cool earring. It's jewelry that makes a statement while being the opposite of everything tacky “Statement Jewelry' claims to be—you know what I mean? Wear less to get more—an idea we've been into for awhile, but one that feels right again with all the holiday merriment of late. Your schedule is busy enough, your outfit doesn't need to be. Plus there's the casual, cool factor: You forgot half of your earrings. On purpose."

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