Features Overview

The following “Feature” list encompasses the works of Color Me Tone, also known as Colored Babies

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Yes you are an artist, no you do not have to starve…. Do not allow one talent, especially one niche within that talent, be your only means. Today, everything goes so fast so it only makes sense to have multiple streams of income. But that all comes with time management and sacrifices. If you are willing to DIE for your passion, commit fully. That is really dark but that’s how I feel….


The Met Atl

The MET is at the center of it all, providing a melting pot of culture, innovation, industry and entrepreneurship in over 1 million square feet. The MET’s tenants are a diverse spectrum of industries and disciplines, but all share a common spirit and desire to create. It’s a place that allows entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and makers to thrive. We want to see businesses grow here and stay here.

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Mutiny Artwrx

Many creative events and festivals are hosted at Mutiny Artwrx with thousands of buyers in attendance! This platform is a great way to network, collaborate, and sell your work/services right out of your studio, and Mutiny’s communal gallery too!