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It is 2018.

Today, most artwork , home goods, or wearable art collectors want things that not only look good but have a story and a face behind them. 

Whether it be the decor within their homes, the bags on their should, the shoes on their feet, the artwork in their working space– people want to feel as though they have something that speaks to them and makes them feel like the UNIQUE individual that they are. 

Many of the functional and decor pieces, that occupy our most sacred spaces, comes from cliché retail or high-end stores as a token of status. But true status is obtaining the most scarce materials/collector items. 😉 The only interesting factor about common retail artwork is, the aesthetics. But we quickly deplete of inspiration and interest when there is no more depth…

This can be problematic to this day and age, when the need of sticking out is essential. Aspiration is a huge part of our growth. It is important for us to be aware of the world around us so that we can be INSPIRED.

Inspiration is a feeling. Inspiration is the newest technology. Inspiration is the newest fashion trend. InspIration is all around us and it is up to us whether we put ourselves in range of the things that inspire the depths of our most forward thoughts, or not.

Be the unique individual you were made to be, don’t be just another number. 

Be you.



Colored Babies LLC is an art & design brand as well as a gonzo lifestyle artist community for the true art lovers, professional artists, and aspiring artists. We take pride in developing well presented artwork & apparel that has provided a recycled goods and vegan merchandise for consumers since April 2019.

Colored Babies LLC has built a community and networking pool of creative minds from artist to partnering business to interesting lifestyles. Founded by Color Me Tone, Toni Hull, all products show brings positivity and inspiration that can only be brought by our products, Colored Babies.



Our three main goals for May 2019 - May 2020 are: global business growth, customer satisfaction, and delighting our tribe. Since 2014, we’ve taken then time to master the craftsmanship of our products. Though our business has been in effect for 2 years, we’ve recently taken the steps to acquire a relationship that lead to our manufacturers in Quebec, Canada. Since we are in an agreement with manufactures, we are capable of making our apparel and house accessories accessible to the masses. This gives us the vehicle to in average deals and achieve 100% growth in retail year-to-year sales.

The 2nd goal we strive to achieve on a daily bases is, customer satisfaction. We aim to achieve an NPS of at least 5 from our customers. This will be achieved through community engagement, volunteering, and weekly incentives. The 3rd goal our company work towards, on a daily bases, is delighting out Tribe. It is our supporters that make it happen for the company and we make sure to show our appreciate… We want you to stay with us forever! Join our email subscription list for closed-loop ongoing announcements, coupons, and weekly blog updates.



Grow Our Global Business

• Achieve 100% year-to-year sales growth in the EMEA geography
• Increase the average deal size by 70% with up sells
• Reduce churn to less than 5% annually to customer service

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Delight our Customers

• Achieve an NPS of 5 from our customers
• Increase customer retention to 98%
• Achieve a product engagement of 80%

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Delight our Tribe

Share ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback process
• Celebrate “small wins” & any type of process every week


Features Overview

The following “Feature” list encompasses the works of Color Me Tone, also known as Colored Babies

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Yes you are an artist, no you do not have to starve…. Do not allow one talent, especially one niche within that talent, be your only means. Today, everything goes so fast so it only makes sense to have multiple streams of income. But that all comes with time management and sacrifices. If you are willing to DIE for your passion, commit fully. That is really dark but that’s how I feel….


The Met Atl

The MET is at the center of it all, providing a melting pot of culture, innovation, industry and entrepreneurship in over 1 million square feet. The MET’s tenants are a diverse spectrum of industries and disciplines, but all share a common spirit and desire to create. It’s a place that allows entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and makers to thrive. We want to see businesses grow here and stay here.

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Mutiny Artwrx

Many creative events and festivals are hosted at Mutiny Artwrx with thousands of buyers in attendance! This platform is a great way to network, collaborate, and sell your work/services right out of your studio, and Mutiny’s communal gallery too!